Choosing Great Wine In Corolla And The Outer Banks

Many people love great wine and love getting the best authentic domestic and imported wines at Bacchus wine, but may not have the best understanding. Naturally we offer specialized wine tasting to help you experiment without breaking the budget or boring you have to death with endless classes. We offer wine flights to allow anyone to begin improving their wine vocabulary

Wine Flights

wine flights

Wine Flights are a chance to explore different wines. It gives you education about wines by letting you explore the different flavors. It is also a chance to pair them with food or sandwiches to see what goes with what, giving you a practical education about wine. And it is a great way to relax without worrying about airport regulations or bag check limits.

What Is A Wine Flight

A wine flight is essentially a specialized wine tasting. It groups a number of similar wines, or wine regions together to let you enjoy the different flavors in a way that is memorable and of course… delicious. You do not have to be a sommelier to know what you like. On the same token how can you possibly know if you don’t:

  1. Try different wines
  2. Have some way to categorize them in your mind

And of course we at Bacchus are here to help with a massive selection of wines from all across the world

And What About What To Eat On That Wine Flight

outer banks wine pairings and tastings

I know that I am taking this wine “flight” idea a little to literally but the analogy fits. Naturally knowing what you like in a wine is very important. But one of the most important things is knowing what foods you will enjoy with that wine. And guess what, Bacchus Wine can help you with that.

Gourmet Sandwiches And Wine

We offer gourmet sandwiches with home grown breads and the freshest deli meats. We can help you pair the right sandwich for the flight you are taking. This will help you when you are out at restaurants and need to know what tastes good with different types of wine.

Cheese Platters And Wine

And maybe one of our cheese platters would be the perfect complement to the wine flight you are departing on.

Or Even Salad And Wine

Maybe a salad is the best complement to the wine selection you have made. Our gourmet salads are another option we can help you pair,

And Choosing The Best Wines….

Besides just education, you can know what wines would be great gifts. Whether they are part of a gift assortment in our gourmet gift baskets or just by the bottle, you will know what you are giving. Nothing is better than sharing what you like in a great wine with friends and family. And of course we are here to help you with that.

Which Wine Flight Is The Best For You?

bacchus wine and beer store

Call us at ask and we will help you book the best wine flight for you. Give us a call or just pop in for last minute departure.

Bon Voyage