Make Your Seasonal Renters Feel Special With Bacchus

Make your rental, cottage, or beach house the only choice in the mind of renters and tourists with personalized gifts.

It Is The Little Things With Renters

Ever look at a hotel, cruise, or vacation website or brochure and see the endless lists of amenities and benefits? Showing guests that you offer more than any other provider is important. Making guests feel special and important is critical in developing loyalty. Beyond just telling them how important they are do something even more effective…

Show Them

personalized gift program

We live in a society that values authenticity. A personalized gift bag or large gift basket is a simple and cost effective way to really let people know that you put your money where your mouth is, literally. Gourmet food, cheese, wine and chocolate is something rental guests can enjoy during their stay in Corolla or when they get home.

Regardless the message is clear. They are important to you and are not just another number or renter for the week.

Don’t Miss Out

Be the beach property that people come to year after year. Contact us for a quote!