Fine Wines Available In Corolla: Dauo Soul Of A Lion

One of the great things about Bacchus Wine And Beer is great wines are available to you right here in Corolla. Imported from all over the world, they are the perfect complement to your stay in Corolla. While we offer many fine red and white wines, one wine of note we carry is Dauo Soul of Lion.

Dauo Soul Of A Lion is a red wine that hails from the highly renowned Dauo Winery In Paso Robles California. Highly ranked by wine critics like Robert Parker, the 96 point ranking on the 100 point scale is well earned.  Soul of A Lion is a complex red wine hailed as one of the best wines produced at Dauo Winery.

Background On The Dauo Winery

George And Daniel Dauo are winemakers dedicated to their craft. Having devoted a lifetime to winemaking, Dauo Soul Of A Lion, is a product of this proud tradition. Hailing from Paso Robles, California, the Dauo brothers purchased the Hoffman Ranch Estate and restored the tradition of making great red California wines.

The mountain the grapes are grown on, known as Dauo Mountain, marks the apex of perfect climate and soil conditions for incredible wine. The Dauo brothers then put their touch on nature’s creation with incredible wines in the Bordeaux tradition.

Background On The Wine Critic: Robert Parker

Robert Parker is a well known and esteemed wine critic. Parker is best known for a 100- point scale for rating wine. That is why a 96 rating for this wine in our store is very prestigious. Bacchus Wine And Beer in Corolla specializes in offering the finest wines and gourmet foods.