Ice Wine…Perfect Wine For Any Weather

Grapes, And Wine, Exposed To The Cold

With wine, grapes, or just about anything being frost bit is not a good thing. Living things need steady temperatures to thrive. If these are taken away, poor health, or poor wine usually will result. That is of course, unless you are talking about an ice wine.

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Ice Wine: The Perfect Winter Wine

For ice wine, the grapes are harvested after being exposed to a frost or freezing. Because no one knows the exact date the first frost will come and there is no exact way to predict how ripe the grapes will be when the they get exposure. Thus there is a chance they will be harvested much later than peak freshness. This can happen, but in many cases something much more positive and less detrimental happens to the grapes.

Rich, Sweet Flavorful Wine

Other than the scenario I just mentioned the grapes often are still growing on the vine. This burst of cold causes the water in the grapes to freeze. The sugars in the wine do not. This creates a much sweeter wine with a strong tasty flavor. Thus, some consider it a dessert wine.

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Enjoy Ice Wine Right Here In the Outer Banks

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Whether you live near us in Corolla or Duck or live in Southern Shores, Kitty Hawk, Nags Head or Kill Devil Hills, we are the perfect place to increase your wine acumen. Come learn about wines at our Monterey Plaza store. Whether it is wine flight or just a glass of Ice Riesling, we are here to help you learn and enjoy great wine.

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